Research-Integrated Design Process

"What is the learning problem? How best is the learning outcome achieved? Is there empirical evidence to support our approach to the problem? Does our solution effectively achieve what it sets out to?" By asking ourselves these questions at every step of the design process and holding our design to the highest assessment standards, we promise to develop pedagogically sound educational solutions for any need - big or small.

Learner-Centered Design

By incorporating learner studies and user studies from the very beginning of our design process, we ensure that the solutions we design are tailored to our target audience and brings about the desired learning outcome.

Cost-Effective Solutions

We do not believe that a big budget is the key to the best learning solutions. We strive to develop the most exceptional learning experience that is possible within any given budget. We have partnered with reputable and cost-effective development studios offshore. By doing the learning design here in collaboration with our clients and getting the development done offshore when needed, we are confident of providing high quality solutions at the lowest cost possible.