• Educational Activities for Museum Websites

  • Interactive content for learning

  • Educational Websites


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The web offers a myriad ways to extend the museum experience for visitors and we can help you exploit them. Get in touch with us to
  • Create multimedia games and activities to spark the pre-visit interest
  • Develop interactive content for post-visit research
  • Design learning guides and lesson plans for teachers to use in their classrooms
Check out the online game we developed for the wonderful Bubbalogna exhibit in the Children's Discovery Museum in San Jose, CA.  

Interactive Content for Learning

Gone are the days when teaching equated to a classroom of students listening to the teacher talk. The famed Russian philosopher and educator Vygotsky said that the mind emerges through interaction with the environment. Current technology affords us many ways to create learning environments that help students visualize information, play with it, and create their own meaning. 
At nGinE designs, we challenge ourselves to go beyond the eye-catching graphics and cool animations to create interactive content with a focus on the learning outcome.
Explore some of the activities we developed for Round-Ed Curriculum Designs.  
An animation about the water cycle for Round-Ed curriculum designs

Educational Websites

The cornerstones of our educational website design:
  • A sound information architecture
  • An intuitive interaction design
  • Pedagogically sound educational content
  • Focus on the essential 21st century skills of problem-solving, critical thinking, communication, and collaboration
A screenshot of a museum website developed by ngine designs