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Tokyo is loaded with museums, hundreds of them from art to science. If normal museums are a bore to you or you want to try something new, let me tell you about this place! The TOKYO MUSEUM OF SEWAGE!

Here, you'll spend the day learning about Tokyo's sewer system, how it works and even get a chance to go inside the main sewer pipe suspending on a platform over the free flowing raw crap.

Perfect for families -- or maybe for the second or third date with someone special :) either way, Kodaira city is a really relaxing place to hang out, a few really cool cafes and restaurants near the station.

Best of all, this experience is free!
What are you waiting for?

Google Map:

Kodaira Sewage Museum http://www.city.kodaira.tokyo.jp.e.fj.hp.transer.com/static/gesui_fureai/gesui_index.html

Joseph Tame:

How to get there: Take the JR CHUO LINE from Shinjuku to KOKUBUNJI STATION (14 minutes).
Change to the Seibu Kokubunji Line for 2 stops to TAKANODAI STATION.
Exit TAKANODAI STATION and take a left. You will see a sign for the museum at the small bridge. Use the Google Map for reference.